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Image of Jack White. Las Vegas. 2015 Image of Jack White, Las Vegas. 8/23/18 Image of Jack White. Triple Decker Poster Set. Image of Jack White. Brussels, Belgium. 2014
  • Image of Jack White. Detroit. "Marquee Lights Edition"  2018
  • Image of Jack White. Detroit. "Marquee Lights Edition"  2018

Jack White. Detroit. "Marquee Lights Edition" 2018

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TWITTER: @mhjacobson

An extremely limited, signed by Matthew Jacobson, and handmade edition (only 15 will ever be constructed -- with just 6 currently for sale).

You get an uncut, undamaged poster (same poster as sold for $100 on this site) pre-framed with a switch attached to the back that activates LED lights behind twenty of the bulbs illustrated in the marquee. The position of the lights may vary from print to print.

Three settings allow you to have the lights OFF, FLASHING, or ON.

Signed in silver on the lower right of the front by Matthew Jacobson

The frame is black with a glass front, which is a different color than the grey frame pictured here (this was the test poster).

IMPORTANT: Given the nature of the lights, wiring, and battery pack+switch on the back, this hangs further out from a wall than a standard framed poster, inside a "shadow box" frame.

Price includes shipping within the Contiguous United States.